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Your support is Critical to Reducing Food Waste and Ending Hunger

Food Waste is the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. When nearly 40% of all edible and fresh prepared food goes to waste, it is a serious problem. 

A new California State law, SB 1383, aims to keep food and other compostable materials (“organics”) out of landfills to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change. 

Under this law, 20% of food that is perfectly good to eat should be diverted to nonprofits to feed people, rather than going to landfills or compost. This will not only help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also help alleviate food insecurity in our communities. As a nonprofit, Daily Bowl is able to provide this service through grants and donations from generous people like you.

For more detailed information on SB1383, please (StopWaste and (SB 1383 website

Companies and agencies like Kaiser Permanente,, Alameda County Supervisors, Fremont Bank Foundation among others have provided support for Daily Bowl that is critical to our mission. Additional support from grants is always needed, so if Daily Bowl might be a good fit for funding from your organization, we would appreciate your referral.