• Become acquainted with and support the mission of the organization
  • Be acquainted with the by-laws, financial management and Board policies and procedures
  • Actively recruit prospective Board members who can significantly contribute to the Board’s work
  • Contribute experience, skills, expertise and community connections to the work of the Board
  • Understand the legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Make an initial 3 year commitment to serve on the Board


  • Participate in strategic planning for the future of the organization
  • Participate in Board member skill development opportunities
  • Serve on at least one Board Committee or task force
  • Attend occasional organizational functions
  • Participate in scheduled Board retreats and meetings


  • Support fund raising activities and be willing to ask others for money
  • Attend occasional fund raising events

Personal Conduct

  • Regularly attend and be prompt at Board and Committee meetings
  • Actively prepare for and participate in all meetings of the Board
  • Perform delegated assignments in a timely fashion
  • Keep commitments that are made.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of documents and discussions that are deemed confidential
  • Treat fellow board members with trust, respect and understanding
  • Declare and remove yourself from potential conflict of interest situations
  • Listen and respect opinion of others, promoting unity within the board

Community Relations

  • Help promote the organization to a larger community
  • Serve as an ambassador of the agency to the community
  • Act as an advocate for the organization

Organizational Relations

  • Provide constructive feedback about the organization and/or Board through appropriate channels
  • Acknowledge that the Board Chair is the only Board member who speaks on behalf of the Board
  • Refrain from making special requests of staff and respect the Executive Directors management position within the staff
  • Communicate issues about the Board or the agency to the Board Chair