Donate Food

If you are a hospitality business, grocery store, or restaurant wholesaler that wants to donate surplus inventory, please fill out the form below.

Because of health code regulations, we cannot accept food from individual households or corporate potlucks, whether home-cooked or catered.

CA SB1383 regulation requires that donors sign an agreement with us. Please review the sample agreement.

We do not charge pickup fees for businesses within 10 miles of our Union City location. Beyond that, fees will be assessed based on the distance, the volume, and the frequency of pickup.

If you are a resident wanting to donate surplus harvest from your gardens, please contact TCV Food Bank (Fremont) (510) 793-4583, Centro de Servicios (Union City) (510) 489-4100, South Hayward Parish (Hayward) (510) 785-3663 or contact your local place of worship.