Our Simple Approach to Ending Hunger

Daily Bowl recovers excess food that would otherwise go to waste and delivers it to Bay Area agencies that feed families who are hungry.

On one hand, hunger is a serious problem for many families in our community. On the other hand, food waste is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Daily Bowl is a nonprofit organization that recovers surplus edible fresh and prepared food destined for waste from food providers. We immediately distribute that food to receiving agencies who serve the hungry and vulnerable. Essentially, we aim to rescue surplus food by putting it to good use.


Daily Bowl was founded in 2016 by Paddy Iyer and Lance Nishihira. They wanted to address the growing problem of hunger in local communities. Around the same time, the legal environment changed significantly, allowing the redistribution of excess food from retailers and professional kitchens.

With the window of opportunity open, Daily Bowl was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and began forming the business and agency partnerships necessary to build a robust network of food distribution. Since its inception, Daily Bowl has helped divert more than 5 million pounds of perfectly edible food from landfills and compost bins, to agencies that help to feed people who are food insecure.

Daily Bowl is governed by a Board of Directors composed of leaders who are experienced in business, fundraising, and civic affairs. Daily Bowl has offices at Centro de Servicios, a social services hub in Union City. Its EIN number is 81-3341265.